Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 11, 1968
Investigations on the Jurassic Flora of the Rajmahal Hills, India— On a New Species of Ptilophyllum, P. Sahnii from Amarjola in Amarapara Region
Page: 1
K. M. Gupta and B. D. Sharma
Occurence of Plant Fossils in the Lower Gondwana Succession of Singhrauli Coalfield, U. P.
Page: 8
K. M. Lele, Prem Swamp and J. N. Singh
Affinities of Spores and Pollens from Tertiary and Quarternary of India
Page No: 17
P. K. K. Nair
Note on a Revised Classification of Bagh Beds
Page No.: 24
M. R. Sahni and S. P. lain
New Genus and Species of Ostracods from Fuller's Earth, Kolyatji Area, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India
Page No.: 26
S. X Singh and P. C. Misra
Microfossils from Zewan Beds (Permian) of Kashmir
Page No.: 38
J. P. Srivastava and N. K. Mandwal
Recent Foraminifera from the Beach Sands of Jaffna, Ceylon
Page No.: 41
B. S. Tewari and Ashok Kumar
The Genus Trocholina from the Cretaceous Rocks of Ariyalur Stage, South India
Page No.: 45
B. S. Tewari and R. P. Srivastava