Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 19, 1976
Stratigraphy and micropalaeontology of the Cauvery Basin, Part II. Tertiary Subcrop sequence in Karikal
Pages: 1-19
R. K. Banerjee
Lutetian planktonic foraminifera from Vinjhan Miani area, south western Kutch, Gujrat, India
Pages: 20-23
A. K. Jauhari and K. P. Vimal
Significance of stromatolites in the correlation of Semri Series (Lower Vindhyans) of Son Valley and Chitrakut areas, U. P.
Pages: 24-27
S. Kumar
Origin and Geology of Neill Island, South Andaman, India
Pages: 28-36
Pratap Singh and K. P. Vimal
Genus Anomalinella from Middle Eocene and Oligocene rocks of south western Kutch, Western India
Pages.: 37-40
S. K. Singh and R. K. Saxena
Fossil algae from the upper Tal shell limestone and their age implication
Pages: 41-47
Prabha Kalia
Depositional environment of the Upper Vindhyan sediments in the Satna-Maihar area, Madhya Pradesh, and its bearing on the evolution of Vindhyan sedimentation Basin
Pages.: 48-70
Indra Bir Singh
Biostratigraphic classification of the Middle Eocene rocks of a part of South western Kutch, India
Pages.: 71-88
K. K. Tandon