Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 21 & 22, 1978
Late Eocene calcareous Nannoplankton from Tarkeshwar, Surat-Broach area, Gujarat
Pages: 1-12
Pratap Singh, K. K. Rastogi and K. P. Vimal
Neogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Zonation of Ritchie's Archipelago, Andaman Islands, India
K. K. Mehrotra and P. Kumar
On some sedimentological and palaeoecological aspects of Subathu-Dagsai-Kasauli succession of Simla Hills
Page No:19-28
Indra Bir Singh
Some Trace Fossils from Clinton Red Sandstone (Early Silurian) from Harrisburg area, Pennsylvania and their environmental significance
Page No.: 29-32
Arun Kumar
Stromatolites and environment of deposition of the Vindhyan Supergroup of Central India
Page No.: 33-43
S. Kumar
Buliminids from the Middle Eocene of Rajasthan, India
Page No.: 44-48
Prabha Kalia
Early Pliocene Diatoms and Silicoflagellates from Neill Island, South Andaman, India Part-I
Page No.: 49-59
Pratap Singh, K. P. Vimal and D. D. Nautiyal
Smaller benthonic foraminifera from Late Oligocene rocks of the Vinjhan-Miani area of Kutch, Gujarat
Page No.: 60-73
A. K. Jauhari
A new species of Lithophyllum from Oligocene of South-Western Kutch
Page No.: 74-77
K. K. Tandon, S. K. Gupta and R. K. Saxena
Microfacies, petrography and mineralogy of the Tertiary Rocks of Guar Nala near Narain Sarovar, Kutch, India, and their palaeoecological significance
Page No.: 78-95
Indra Bir Singh
Sedimentaries of the Zone of Badolisera and the Vindhyan Supergroup, Uttar Pradesh—A reappraisal of Correlation
Page No.: 96-101
S. Kumar
Recent fresh-water Diatoms of Kankawati River, Vinjhan, South-Western Kutch, Gujarat
Page No.: 102-105
Pratap Singh, D. D. Nautiyal and K. P. Vimal
Lower Tertiary Dinoflagellates, Spores and Pollen Grains from Siang District, Arunachal Pradeshs
Page No.: 106-111
K. P. Jain and S. K. Dutta
A new fossil rodent Rhizomyoides saketiensis sp. nov. from the Tatrot Member (Astian) of Siwalik Fossil Park, Saketi, Sirinur Distt., Himachal Pradesh
Page No.: 112-115
S. S. Gupta, B. C. Verma and A. P. Tewari
Dinoflagellates and Radiolarians from the Tethyan Sediments, Malta johar Area, Kumaon Himalaya : A preliminary report
Page No.: 116-119
K. P. Jain, Rahul Garg, S. Kumar, I. B. Singh and S. K. Singh