Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 28, 1983
I often recollect
Pages: 1-6
G. W. Chiplonkar
A review of the genus Lepidotes (Actinopterygii : Semionotiformes), with special reference to the species form Kota Formation (Lower Jurassic), India
Pages: 7-42
Sohan L. Jain
Studies on the Jurassic pectinid clams from Kaladongar hill, Pachchham Island, Kachchh
Pages: 43-49
C. S. P. Singh & A. K. Jaitly
Palaeoenvironment and trace fossils of the Middle Siwalik sediments, Hardwar, Uttar Pradesh
Pages.: 50-55
Shrish Chandra Agrawal and & India Bir Singh
A new Echinolampas species (Cassiduloida : Echinoidea) from the Middle Eocene of Egypt
Pages: 56-58
Mohamed Said M. Ali
Classification of the Proboscidea : Part I
Pages: 59-60
Gary T. Madden
Cleistosphaeridium mikirii Mehrotra, A, Junior Synonym of Lingulodinium machaerophorum (Deflandre & Cookson) wall, 1967
Pages: 61-62
K. P. Jain & Rahul Garg
A fossil elephant from the Middle Pleistocene alluvial deposit of Narmada Valley, M. P.
Pages: 63-66
C. Tripathi & P. K. Basu
Fauna and biogenic structures in Krol-Tal succession (Vendian-Early Cambrian), Lesser Himalaya : their biostratigraphic and palaeoecological significance.
Pages.: 67-90
Indra Bir Singh & Vibhuti Rai
Precambrian-low Lower Cambrian ichnofossils from the Lalab Valley, Kashmir Himalaya, India
Pages: 91-94
B. K. Raina, G. Kumar. O. N. Bhargava & V. P. Sharma
Lower Carboniferous Miospore assemblage from Po Formation, Tethys Himalaya and its strati- graphic significance
Pages.: 95-101
A. K. Khanna & R. S. Tiwari
A record of Labyrinthodont vertebrae from the Lower Triassic limestone of Matauli section, Girthi Valley, Kumaon Higher Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh.
Pages.: 102-105
C. Tripathi, Seva Dass & J. S. Jamwal
Lower Cambrian body and trace-fossils from the Tal Formation, Garhwal Synform, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Pages.: 106-111
Gopendra Kumar, B. K. Raina, D. K. Bhatt & B. S. Jangpangi
On the occurrence of fossil Molluscs in the Tatrot rocks (Pliocene) near Saketi, Sirmur District, Himachal Pradesh.
Pages.: 112-113
B. S. Kotlia
Discovery of trilobite impression in the Arenaceous Member of Tal Formation, Mussoorie area, India
Pages.: 114-117
D. K. Bhatt, V. D. Mamgain and R. S. Misra
Distinctive Bathonian agglutinated foraminifera from Jaisalmer, western Rajasthan, India
Pages.: 118-133
Rahul Garg & S. K. Singh