Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 29, 1984
Evolution of Early Man in India-Perspectives and Issues
Pages: 1-5
S. R. K. Chopra
Quantitative study on the assemblages of Cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal genus Rotalipora
Pages: 6-18
R.M. Ramanathan & V. R. Rao
On a new subspecies of Equus from Pinjor Formation of Upper Sivaliks-with remarks on Sivalik Equus
Pages: 19-25
R. Gour & S. R. K. Chopra
SEM Studies of thin Egg shell fragments from the Inter-trappeans (Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition) of Nagpur and Asifabad, Peninsular India
Pages.: 26-33
A. Sahni, R. S. Rana & G. V. R. Prasad
Reappraisal of the genus Muderongia Cookson & Eisenack, 1958
Pages: 34-42
K. P. Jain & Khowaja Ateequzzaman
On the new Guttiferous fossil pollen genus from Tura Formation and the phytogeographic significance of the family
Pages: 43-46
B. S. Tewari & R.R. Singh
On the occurrence of Reptilian remains in the peat bed of Barrackpore, 24-Parganas, West Bengal
Pages: 47-51
Prasanta K. Sen & Manju Banerjee
Palynology of the Barail (Oligocene) and Surma (Lower Miocene) sediments exposed along Sonapur­Badarpur Road Section, JaintiaHills (Meghalaya) and Cachai (Assam). Part-I Dinoflagellates
Pages: 52-62
R. K. Saxona & M. R. Rao
Variation study in some Miocene shark teeth from Baripada Beds, Orissa
Pages.: 63-66
S. N. Bhalla & Pramendra Dev
Upper Jurassic dinoflagellate bio-stratigraphy of Spiti Shale (Formation),MaIla Johar Area, Tethys Himalaya, India
Pages: 67-82
K. P. Jain, Rahul Garg, S. Kumar & I. B. Singh
Trace fossils from the? Cambrian Tal Group, Sirmur District, H. P. and proposed redefinition of the Tal
Pages.: 83-87
O. N. Bhargava
Record of Carnian Conodonts from the top of Kalapani Limestone, Kumaun Himalaya, India
Pages.: 88-92
N. L. Chhabra & S. Kumar