Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 33, 1988
The Permian Brachiopod Fauna of the Himalaya: Palaeobiogeographic implications
Pages: 1-6
Trilochan Singh
Radiolaria from Neill Island, Andaman sea, and their distributional characteristics
Pages: 7-19
V. Sharma & G. K. Sharma
Neogene/Quaternary Boundary in Indian Basins
Pages: 21-45
S. Ramanathan & J. Pandey
Revision of the Genus Hundwarella Reed and its significance in Himalayan Cambrian
Pages.: 47-58
S. K. Shah, C. S. Sudan, S. K. Parcha & A. K. Raina
Radiolarian zonation and volcanic ash layers in two Quaternary sediment cores from the central Indian Ocean Basin
Pages: 59-71
Shyam M. Gupta
Palynostrat*aphy and Environment of deposition in the Lower Gondwana sediments of Chuparbhita Coalfields, Rajmahal hills
Pages: 73-90
Manju Banerjee & Ashalata D'Rozario
Recognition of Karharbari Formation in Gondwana Succession near Raigarh and its significance on Lower Gondwana Stratigraphy of Mahanadi Basin
Pages: 91-95
D. K. Ghosh
First record of Bos namadicus from Middle-Late Pleistocene deposits of lower Godavari near Servaipet in Karimnagar District, A.P.
Pages: 97-104
Gyani L. Badam & S. L. Jain
Palynology of the Kasauli Formation in the type area in Solan District, Himachal Pradesh
Pages: 105-115
Rakesh Kapoor & N.N. Dogra & R.V. Singh
Stratigraphy and Vertebrate Fauna of the Siwalik Group, Mansar ­ Uttarbaini Section, Jammu District, J&K
Pages.: 117-124
S.S. Gupta & B.C. Verma