Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 43, 1998
Recent benthic Ostracoda from the Gulf of Mannar, off Tuticorin, Southeast Coast of India
Page No.: 1
S. M. Hussain
Lithofacies analysis of the Lariakantha Quartzite and its implication on the genesis of the Blaini Formation, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
Page No.: 23
Charu C. Pant & Pradeep K. Goswami
Discovery of Early Quaternary vertebrate fossils beneath the Ganga River bed at Bhagalpur, Bihar; their age and biostratigraphic implications
Page No.: 35
B. C. Verma, V.P. Mishra, Arvind Misrha & Uttam Kumar
Palynology of Lower Gondwana Sediments in the Bhopalpalli Area, Godavari Graben
Page No.: 41
Suresh C. Srivastava & Neerja Jha
Proterozoic stromatolitic reefs: possible examples trom the Himachal Himalaya
Page No.: 49
O.N. Bhargava & U.K. Bassi
Significance of microfauna from a Middle Holocene Terrace, Lower Mahi Valley, western India
Page No.: 59
Rachna Raj & L.S. Chamyal
Miscellanea Pfender, 1935 (Foraminiferida) from the South Shillong Region, N.E. India
Page No.: 73
A.K. Jauhri
Morphotaxonomic re-evaluation of Gangamopteris (?) buriadica Feistmantel
Page No.: 85
P.K. Maithy
Microstructure and microfabric studies of Palaeoproterozoic small digitate stromatolites (ministromatolites) from the Vempalle Formation, Cuddapah Supergroup, India
Page No.: 89
Mukund Sharma & Manoj Shukla
New species of the marker Chrysalidinid foraminifer Riyadhella from the Upper Jurassic of Jaisalmer, western India.
Page No.: 101
Rahul Garg, S.K. Singh, & Niti Mandwal
On some new discoveries of subfamily Bullatimorphitinae from the Lower Chari Formation of Kachchh, western India
Page No.: 107
Sreepat Jain
Note on a femur of bird from the Upper Pleistocene deposits of the Son Valley in Central India
Page No.: 119
S. Biswas & A. Sonakia
International Seminar on Recent Advances in the study of Cretaceous sections, Chennai­Trichi (6th Jan -13th Jan, 1998)
Page No.: 121
P. KundaI