Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 46, 2001
Recent Ostracoda from the Bay of Bengal off Karikkattukupam (near Chennai), southeast coast of India.
Pages: 1-14
S.P. Mohan, G. Ravi, S.M. Hussain and N. Rajeshwara Rao
Tooth enamel microstructure of a Late Cretaceous Gondwanatherian mammal from India
Pages: 15-24
R. Patnaik, Ashok Salmi and G.V.R. Prasad
Some species of Amblypygus Agassiz, L. 1840 and an indeterminate holectypoid echinoid from the middle Eocene rocks of Kachchh, India
Pages: 25-36
D.K. Srivastava and S.K. Singh
Lageniculate megaspores from the Lower Cretaceous Gondwana sediments of Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 37-42
R.P. Tripathi and S.N. Mishra
Some fossils of deer from the Quaternary deposits of Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 43-49
S. Biswas and A. Sonakia
Late Holocene vegetation and climate of Kupup (Sikkim), Eastern Himalaya, India
Pages: 51-58
Chhaya Sharma and M.S. Chauhan
Coralline algae from the Oligocene of Kachchh, Gujarat, India
Pages: 59-76
P.K. Misra, A.K. Jauhri, S.K. Singh, S. Kishore and A. Chowdhury
Age of the Kota Formation, Pranhita-Godavari Valley, India : A palynological approach
Pages: 77-93
Vijaya and G.V.R. Prasad
Revision of the Late Cretaceous bivalves from the Tiruchirapalli Sub-basin : I. oysters (subfamilies : Pycnodonteinae, Exogyrinae and Lophinae) from the Kallankurichchi Formation (Maastrichtian) of the district Ariyalur, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 95-119
A.K. Jaitly and S.K Misra
Palynology of the early Eocene lignite deposits of Surat, Gujarat, India
Pages: 121-132
Bandana Samant & P.M. Tapaswai
Textural attributes of the Singrimari Sandstone exposed in and around Singrimari, West Garo Hills district, Meghalaya and Dhubri district, Assam, India
Pages: 133-140
H. Baruah and P.K. Das
Phthirapteran insect and larval acanthocephala from the Late Triassic sediments of the Satpura Basin, India
Pages: 141-146
Pramod Kumar & Prabhat Kumar
Neogene Palaeontology of the Surma Group, Mizoram, India. 1- the Arcoida (Mollusca : Bivalvia)
Pages: 147-160
R.P. Tiwari
Trace fossils from the Cambrian rocks of the Kunzum La section, Spiti, H.P., India
Pages: 161-171
C.S. Sudan and U.K. Sharma
Marker Beds in the Jurassic of the Kachchh Basin western India: Their depositional environment and sequence-stratigrapic Significance
Pages: 173-198
F.T. Fursich, D.K. Pandey, J.H. Callomon, A.K. Jaitly and I.B. Singh
Conference Report / Symposium Reports / Book Reviews Precambrian Palaeobiology: Techniques and Methodology — A report on the contact programme
Pages: 199-201
Vibhuti Rai
Book Review — Atlas of early Palaeogene Invertebrate fossils of the Himalayan Foothills Belt by N.S. Mathur and K.P. Juyal
Pages: 203-205
A.K. Jauhri