Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 47, 2002
Early Palaeocene planktic foraminiferal assemblages and biostratigraphy at site 237, Central Western Indian Ocean
Page No.: 1
Prabha Kalia and Prabhas Pande
Recent benthic Ostracoda from Palk Bay, off Rameswaram, southeast coast of India
Page No.: 17
S. G. D. Sridhar, S. M. Hussain, V Kumar and P. Periakali
The ostracode Genus Semicytherura from the early Miocene Beds of Kachchh and Bombay Offshore, India
Page No.: 41
M. L. Nagori and Anil Bhandari.
Taxonomy and distribution of benthic foraminifera from the sediments off Palk Strait, Tamil Nadu, east coast of India
Page No.: 47
Suresh Gandhi, G. V M., Rajamanickam and R. Nigam
Large soft-shelled turtles from the upper Pliocene rocks of Saketi (District, Sirmaur), Himachal Pradesh, India
Page No.: 65
Rahul Srivastava and Rajeev Patnaik
Palynoflora from the Keifang Formation (early Miocene) Mizoram, India and its environmental significance
Page No.: 77
B. D. Mandaokar
An overview of nannofossil records from India
Page No.: 85
Jyotsaiza Rai
A new gulate megaspore from the Satpura Gondwana Basin
Page No.: 93
A. K. Srivastava and Rajni Tewari
Carbonaceous Megafossils from the Dholpura Shale, uppermost Vindhyan Supergroup, Rajasthan: an age implication
Page No.: 97
Purnima Srivastava
Echinoids from the Gaj Formation (early and middle Miocene) of Kathiawar, Gujarat, India
Page No.: 107
Ratan Lal Jain
Fossil holothurian sclerite assemblage from the Callovian-Oxfordian rocks of Jaisalmer, western Rajasthan, India
Page No.: 137
Kalpana Deka Kaliki, S. K. Kulshreshtha and Neera Salmi
Fossil Scytonema (Nostocales) from the Subathu Formation of Tal Valley, Garhwal Himalaya, India
Page No.: 145
Vandana Prasad and Samir Sarkar
Middle Triassic fish teeth from the Kalapani Limestone of Malla Johar, Chamoli 151 District (Uttaranchal)
Page No.: 151
N. L. Chhabra and V P Misitra
Book Reviews
An Introduction to the Mammalian Fauna of the Siwalik System by K.N. Prasad
Page No.: 157
Rahul Srivastava
Pictorial Catalogue of Siwalik Vertebrate Fossils from Northwest Himalaya by B. C. Verma, V. P. Mishra and S. S. Gupta
Page No.: 159
Rahul Srivastava
Palaeontographica Indica No. 6 - Atlas of early and middle Miocene ostracodes from west coast of India by Anil Bhandari, S. C. Khosla and M. L. Nagori
Page No.: 161
P N. Agarwal
Dinosaurs of India by Ashok Sahni
Page No.: 162
V. P Mishra
Obituary Edwin Harris Colbert
Page No.: 164
S. L. Jain
Stephen J. Gould
Page No.: 167
A. K. Jauhri