Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Golden Jubilee Volume, 50(2), December 2005
Bryozoans and palaeoenvironmental interpretation
Pages: 1-11
Paul D. Taylor
Lunulitiform cheilostome bryozoans from the Miocene sequences of western Kachchh, Gujarat
Pages: 13-24
Asit K. Guha & K. Gopikrishna
Addressing environmental issues through foraminifera - case studies from the Arabian Sea
Pages: 25-36
Rajiv Nigam
New insectivorous placentals from the Eocene of Pakistan
Pages: 37-41
J. G. M. Thewissen, Sunil Bajpai & S. T. Hussain
Early Eocene primates from Vastan Lignite mine, Gujarat, western India
Pages: 43-54
Sunil Bajpai, Vivesh V. Kapur, J.G.M. Thewissen, Debasis P. Das, B. N. Tiwari, Ritu Sharma & N. Saravanan
Orbitolinid Foraminifera from the Lower Aptian Ishido Formation of the Sanchu Cretaceous System, Kanto Mountains, Central Japan
Pages: 55-60
K. Matsumaru, A. Yoshida & A. Hayashi
Some aspects of the palaeoecology and distribution of non-marine Ostracoda from Upper Cretaceous Intertrappean deposits and the Lameta Formation of Peninsular India
Pages: 61-76
Robin Whatley & Sunil Bajpai
Triassic palynoflora from the Mahuli-Mahersop area, Singrauli Coalfield (Southern Extension), Sarguja district, Chhattisgarh, India
Pages: 77-99
Archana Tripathi, Vljaya & A.K. Raychowdhuri
Two upper Siwalik (Pinjor Stage) fossil accumulations from localities 73 and 362 in the Pabbi Hills, Pakistan
Pages: 101-111
R. W. Dennell, A. Turner, R. Coard, M. Beech & M. Anwar
Palaeoproterozoic dubiofossils from India Revisited - Vindhyan triploblastic animal burrows or pseudofossils?
Pages: 113-120
H. J. Hofmann
Foraminiferal evidence of subaqueous debris flows at ODP Site 1033 (Leg 169s), Saanich Inlet, Vancouver Island, Canada
Pages: 121-134
Arun Kumar & R. T. Patterson
Some fossil anascan bryozoan taxa from the Tertiary sequences of western Kachchh, Gujarat
Pages: 135-151
Asit K. Guha & K. Gopikrishna
Coniform stromatolites and the Vindhyan Supergroup, Central India: implication for basinal correlation and age
Pages: 153-167
Y. Misra & S. Kumar
Palynoflora from the Lakshmipur Intertrappean deposits of Kutch, Gujarat: age implications
Pages: 169-176
Bandana Samant & Sunil Bajpai
Ichnofossils from the late Eocene to early Miocene of the Narmada Block of the Cambay Basin, Gujarat, India
Pages: 177-182
P. Kundal, Shyam Mude & Sumedh K. Humane
Palynoflora from the Lakshmipur Intertrappean deposits of Kutch, Gujarat: age implications
Pages: 183-185
Asit K. Guha