Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 52 (1), June 2007
A Revision of the Ostracoda from the Iter-trappean Beds of Takli, Nagpur District, Maharashtra
Pages: 1-15
S.C. Khosla and M.L. Nagori
Distribution of Recent foraminifera in the littorl sediments of Dwarka, Saurashtra coast, Gujarat
Pages: 17-25
A. Talib and M. Y. Farooqui
Pleaistrocene rodialaria from the Kerguelen Plateau, Leg 119, Section 1 H and 2H
Pages: 27-38
Girish Kumar Sharma and Jyoti Bora
On orbitolinid foraminifera from the Lower Aptian (Cretaceous) of Hokkaido, Japan
Pages: 39-44
K. Matsumaru & A. Furusawa
Latitudinal variations in the abundance of planktic foraminifera along the Indian Ocean Sector of the Southern Ocean
Pages: 45-59
N. Khare and S.K. Chaturvedi
Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary in the Spiti Himalaya, India
Pages: 51-57
Deo Brat Pathak
Recent benthic Ostracoda from the inner-shelf off the Malabar Coast, Kerala, southwest coast of India
Pages: 59-68
K. Gopalakrishna, S.M. Hussain, L. Mahesh Bilwa and V.A. Ayisha
Ultrastructure of a lower Eocene leaf surface impression in Amber, Vastan Lignite mine, Gujarat
Pages: 69-73
N. Sahni, M.P. Singh, U. Bajpai, A. Agarwal, H. Alimohammadian and N. Sarkar
Oligocene ostracode biostratigraphy of kachchh and Bombay Offshore basins, India
Page No.: 75-95
Anil Bhandari
The Palaeoproterozoic stromatolite group Mistassinia from the Kheinjua Formation, Semri Group, Chopan area, Sonbhadra District, Uttar Pradesh
Page No.: 97-102
S. Kumar and Y. Misra
Palaeocene (Danian-Thanetian) forminifera in carbonate environment of the Cauvery Basin, Southern India
Page No.: 103-110
A.K. Jauhri, S.Kishore, P.K. Misra, S.K. Singh and A.P. Singh
Pollen rain studies in the environs of Tajmahal, Agra
Page No.: 111-117
Chhaya Sharma, Navita Budhraja and Shantanu Chatterjee
Presentation of Second Professor S.N. Bhalla Gold Medal
Page No.: 119
A.K. Jauhri, S.Kishore, P.K. Misra, S.K. Singh and A.P. Singh