Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume, 56 (I), June 30,2011
Freshwater molluscs from the Upper Pleistocene sediments of the Narmada Valley, Central India:
palaeoecological implications
Pages: 1-15
B. S. Kotlia and Moulishree Joshi
Molluscan biostratigraphy of the Palaeogene sediments around Lakhpat, Kachchh, Gujarat, India
Pages: 17-28
R. P. Kachhara, R. L. Jodhawat and K. Bigyapati Devi
Aspidiscus cristatus (Lamarck) from the Cenomanian sediments of Wadi Quseib, East Sinai, Egypt
Pages: 29-37
D. K. Pandey, Franz 7: Fiirsich, M. Gameil and W S. Ayoub-Hannaa
Vegetation and climate change around Ropan Chhapara Tal in Deoria District, the Central Ganga Plain during the last 1350 years
Pages: 39-43
A. Trivedi, D. S. Singh, M. S. Chauhan, A. Arya, V Bhardwaj and A. Awasthi
Palaeodiversity in the genus Glossopteris from the Lower Gondwana rocks of the Korba coalfield, Chhattisgarh state, India
Pages: 45-64
Kalnal Jeet Singh. Shreerup Goswami and Gaurav Singh
Morphological variations in common Recent benthic foraminifera from the East Coast of India and the Southern East Coast of Japan
Pages: 65-81
V.K. Singh and P.K. Kathal
Palynology of the subsurface early Eocene sediments of the Birbhum coalfield, West Bengal, India
Pages: 83-117
J. Mandal and Vijaya
Sedimentary Basins of India: Recent Developments,
Applied Micropalaeontology - Special Issue of the Gondwana Geological Magazine, 2010, Vol. 25, No. 1
Pages: 119-122
Surendra Kumar
Mukund Sharma
Prof. D.A. Rasheed S.P. Mohan and S. M. Hussain
THE PALAEONTOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF INDIA Secretary's Annual Report for 2010-11
Page No.: 123-125
D. K. Srivastava, C. Rajshekhar and C.M. Awere