Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume, 56 (2), December 2011
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History of Late Cretaceous Dinosaur finds in India and current status of their study
Pages: 123-125
Dhananjay M. Mohabey
A preliminary report on benthic foraminiferal assemblage in the Ashtamudi Estuary, Kerala
Pages: 137-142
R. Nagendra, T. N. Prakash, K. Jayamurugan, R. Gayathri and A.N. Reddy
Late Holocene climate and vegetation change in the Dzuko valley, North East India
Pages: 143-148
S. K. Bera, S. K. Basumatary, C. M. Nautiyal, Swati Dixit, A. A. Mao and R. Gogoi
Palaeoecological implication of ostracod and gastropod assemblages of the Holocene lake records from the Ganga Plain
Pages: 149-163
A. Saxena, I. B. Singh and P. N. Agarwal
Some molluscan fossils from the upper Disang Formation of Changamdabi, East Imphal district, Manipur
Pages: 165-169
Umarani Sijagumayum, Y. Raghumani Singh and R. P. Kachhara
Acarid mites from Early Permian sediments of the Chamba valley, Himachal Pradesh, India
Pages: 171-179
Prabhat Kumar, Neerja Jha, D.D. Bhattacharya and A.C. Pande
Calcareous algae from the Miliolite Formation (middle Pleistocene) of Diu, Saurashtra
Pages: 181-194
P. Kundal, Samaya S. Humane and Sumedh K. Humane
Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from the estuary and tidal zones along the East coast of Tamilnadu, India: deciphering Holocene sea-level change
Pages: 195-200
Abbas Hameed and Hema Achyuthan
Dinoflagellate cysts from the Naredi Formation, Southwestern Kutch, India: implication on age and palaeoenvironment
Pages: 201-218
Rahul Garg, Vandana Prasad, Biswajeet Thakur, Indra Bir Singh and Khowaja-Ateequzzaman
Middle Eocene calcareous algae from the Prang Formation of the Therria area, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya, N. E. India
Pages: 219-230
S. Kishore, A. P. Singh, A. K. Jauhri, S. K. Singh, P. K. Misra and R. P. Tiwari
Mecaster mutabilis (Lambert, 1933) from the Middle Cretaceous Nodular Limestone (Bagh Beds), Gujarat, India
Page No.: 231-236
D. K. Srivastava, C. Rajshekhar and C.M. Awere
A note on ‘Stereocidaris’ keertii Smith, 2010 Vis-à-Vis ‘Stereocidaris’ namadica (Duncan, 1887) from the Bagh Formation, M.P., India
Page No.: 237-240
S. Kanjilal
Professor Lukas Hottinger
Page No.: 241
A.K. Jauhri and Johannes Pignatti