Journal of the Palaeontological Society of India
Volume 58 (1), June 2013
A profile of Prof. Brahma Swarup Tewari
Pages: 1
Tertiary Bryozoa from western Kachchh, Gujarat - a review
Pages: 3-15
Asit K. Guha
Discovery of the oyster Hyotissa semiplana (Sowerby, 1813) from the Campanian (Late Cretaceous) of south India
Pages: 17-20
Anand K. Jaitly and Sanjay K. Mishra
Sequence stratigraphic framework of the Paleogene succession of the Himalayan foreland basin: a case study from the Shimla Hills
Pages: 21-38
S.B. Bhatia, O.N. Bhargava, Birendra P. Singh and Harmeet Bagi
Gas hydrates occurrence, destabilization and potential energy resources: a review based on faunal, geochemical and geophysical investigations with special reference to the Blake Ridge, NW Atlantic
Pages: 39-50
Ajoy K. Bhaumik, Akanksha Gupta , Anil K. Gupta, Shiv Kumar, Shilpi Ray and Sanjib Biswas
Comments on the Middle Jurassic pholadomyoids of Kachchh, western India
Pages: 51-60
Anand K. Jaitly
Calliphylloceras heterophylloides (Oppel, 1856) from the basalmost Jurassic succession of Sadhara Dome, Kachchh, India
Pages: 61-65
Bindhyachal Pandey, Deo Brat Pathak and Jai Krishna
Calcareous nannofossils of Albian age from Tanot Well1, Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan and its palaeobiogeographic significance
Pages: 67-73
Jyotsana Rai, Abha Singh and Rahul Garg
Upper Siwalik mammalian faunas of the Himalayan Foothills
Pages: 75-86
A. C. Nanda
Revised mammalian biostratigraphy of the Lower Siwalik Sediments of Ramnagar (J. & K.), India and its faunal correlation
Pages: 87-92
R. K. Sehgal
An integrated approach to the Quaternary fauna of South and South East Asia - a summary
Page No.: 93-114
G. L. Badam
Early Eocene arecoid palm wood, Palmoxylon vastanensis n. sp. from Vastan Lignite, Gujarat, India: its
palaeoenvironmental implications
Page No.: 115-123
M. Prasad, H. Singh, S. K. Singh, Debi Mukherjee and Emilio Estrada Ruiz
Early Cretaceous palynomorphs, dinoflagellates and plant megafossils from the Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand, India
Page No.: 115-123
Archana Tripathi, B. N. Jana, Omkar Verma, Ranjit K. Singh and Ashok K. Singh
Annual report for the year 2012-13
Page No.: 135-137